School’s In For Summer!

Summer boarding programs give students the edge when it comes to academic preparedness.

Summer boarding programs give students the edge when it comes to academic preparedness.

Summer Programs


Boarding school in the summer? Five reasons that’s a YES!

A summer boarding school program can provide that added boost your child may need to hit the ground running in the fall. The experience is typically less stressful than classes during a busy academic school year with sports and extracurricular activities competing for their attention. Experiencing dorm life in a campus setting and meeting new friends from all over the country are advantages that instill a sense of maturity.

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Five reasons you might consider a summer boarding school program for your son or daughter:

  1. Maximize preparedness for the coming school year
    Students who have gained confidence in a subject enter a new school year with enthusiasm. They often handle new challenges head on and show more persistence in achieving goals. Additionally, they may likely have improved their time management skills.
  2. Keep the academics top of mind
    Even students will sometimes agree that summer vacations can be far too long a break from school. Many fundamentals are forgotten. High-quality and time-tested independent summer school courses can insure that your child will move forward and stay on track.
  3. Develop resilience
    Even the top private and public day schools are limited in developing increased independence and accelerating maturation. Learning life-prep skills in an immersive environment is invaluable.
  4. Provide a window into challenging class work
    Confidence, attention to detail and productivity can skyrocket as the student starts the year with mastery of concepts, definitions, vocabulary and procedures.
  5. Exposure to a rigorous academic culture
    Independent boarding school summer programs excel at setting high expectations for both students and faculty. Productivity is encouraged, and your son or daughter will quickly see a community of commitment to learning.